The Rise and Fall of Bill Nye

Bill Nye is most commonly known as his stage name “Bill Nye the Science Guy” deriving from his lead role in his television show aimed at educating children in elementary school classrooms. The millennial generation grew quite fond of his ability to promote science in a way that was informative and also entertaining. This had a profound impact on the developing minds of adolescents and further gave them the motivation to enter the multitudes of scientific fields as a means for their career choice. Bill Nye was seen as a hero to these young children and now as the generation who grew up on Bill Nye became adults, they have finally witnessed who he truly was.

The growing concern over anthropogenic global warming propagated by people like Al Gore garnered significant attention by the media and the populous. Gore created controversy with his documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth” about the dangers the human race will face in the future due to our actions on the environment. Many celebrities, including Bill Nye, joined the bandwagon of this movement to create a cultural shift in how we consume energy. Its main purpose is to shift away from emitting CO2 into the atmosphere from our petroleum dependent automobiles and gain dependence on renewable resources such as wind or solar to create energy.

Despite the large amount of debate over how much we contribute to the changing of the climate, Bill Nye suddenly became the face of the environmentalist movement by consistently appearing on news programs to give his point of view about the dire consequences we face if we do not immediately alter our methods for energy consumption. This hyperbole has thus formed a collective mentality among the millennial generation that the science is settled and anyone who dares to speak out against the notion that we are one hundred percent the cause for the current warming of our planet, you are labeled as “anti-science.” By hijacking this movement, Bill Nye has become a pariah for the religion of science.

The growing popularity of this movement further gave Bill Nye much more exposure by the media allowing him to promote his point of view to the world that serious change needs to be made now. However, when confronted about his disposition he rarely could articulate a proper argument substantiating his claim and would often be put into a corner by people much more knowledgeable on the subject than he is. A prominent interview on Piers Morgan’s CNN show in 2013, Bill Nye faced Marc Morano, often referred to as the Matt Drudge of climate skepticism. In this interview, you get to see the true face behind the “Science Guy” persona indicating that Nye has very little scientific knowledge at all. Morano is seen reciting scientific literature extemporaneously that proved he was well aware of all the findings behind climatology research that environmental activists, such as Bill Nye, refused to inform the public of in order to save face that their movement may be based on a lie.

Bill Nye is also seen as a strong dissenter of young earth creationism, which caught the attention of Ken Ham, a young earth creationist who recently oversaw the construction of the Ark encounter museum in Kentucky. Nye believes that teaching children young earth creationism will raise a generation who can’t think. Ken Ham invited Bill Nye to the second day after the opening of his ark so that he may give him a tour of their belief system. Nye accepted the invitation and the demeanor Nye gave during the tour was absolutely reprehensible. The smug, arrogant, and condescending stature showed Nye’s lack of any respect he had for Mr. Ham and simply looked down on him in disgust. Despite Nye’s utter lack of humility, every argument he attempted to make in refutation towards one of Ham’s exhibits was logically fallacious. It was obvious throughout the two-hour ordeal, Ken Ham’s patience was growing exceedingly thin, but still managed to entertain the questioning by Nye until the tour concluded.

Although Bill Nye on several occasions showed his true colors of ignorance, his common appeal to authority on scientific theories resonated with the generation that grew up on his science advocacy. They looked up to him as the authority on science disregarding his lack of legitimate credentials in the scientific field. It wasn’t until recently when he was offered a Netflix original called “Bill Nye Saves the World.” The title alone gives off a sense of moral superiority in which he has undertaken the responsibility as our saving grace. However, the reaction to the show was hostile due to the underlying themes of degeneracy that was propagated throughout the thirteen episodes. The series unsurprisingly commences on the subject of climate change. His panel of guests when discussing possible energy alternatives has a notable conversation. There is one guest who brings about nuclear energy and how it could be a viable option to move towards. Rather than properly disprove his claims, Nye resorts to the idea that nuclear will never work simply because “people do not want it.” No valid stance based on reasonable, scientific evidence is given.

The most notable episode is shown later that focuses on sexuality and gender identity. This episode is the focal point for the animosity of the series since Bill Nye panders strictly to far left, social justice warriors who push the narrative that there are more than two genders and that gender identity is on a spectrum. A lewd dance routine by Rachel Bloom is displayed in an attempt to promote repulsive references to the metaphorical voice of her genitalia. The entire performance contains multitudes of blatant sexual innuendos that have no basis in scientific conjecture. It gives credence to the inevitable downfall of western civilization often associated with right wing positions strongly opposed to moral decadence caused by leftism.

The next most important skit is an infantile animation depicting ice cream flavors representing sexualities. It starts off with the vanilla cone (obviously representing the despised straight, white male) showcasing his flavor conversion therapy claiming vanilla is the most natural flavor; therefore everyone should also be vanilla. It’s an obvious comparison to gay conversion therapy used by the Christian community to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality. With much contention to vanilla’s proposition, the other flavor ice creams ironically convince vanilla that being vanilla (straight) is his choice resulting in persuading him to join a polyamorous, multi-flavored ice cream orgy thus insinuating homosexuality is a choice.

The numerous decadent aspects to this new television series promulgate the repercussions for the spread of leftism. The moral foundation of our nation can be seen crumbling before our very eyes in which the horrific perspective by leftists can be noticed by not only the right, but also the center of the political spectrum and moderate liberals. The societal disarray descending into an apocalyptic nightmare of degeneracy that consists of Bill Nye Saves the World ironically brought the left and right in unison against the message being promoted thus causing for Bill Nye to truly save the world.


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