What it Would Mean to Pull Out of the Paris Agreement

UPDATE: Axios has reported that President Donald Trump will officially withdraw from the Paris Agreement. A huge win for free market energy production has been made and supporters of Trump rejoice while skeptical conservatives will breathe a sigh of relief whether they believed Trump’s campaign proposals. Meanwhile, the left is in a frenzy about the “doomed” future of our planet.

There is growing hysteria throughout the world as multiple sources claim Donald Trump privately spoke with members of the White House that he will be withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. The 175 parties that signed onto this pact among varying nations of the world have therefore endorsed the speculative proposals enclosed within the agreement. Specifically, these proposals include maintaining a temperature below 2 °C above the levels prior to the industrial revolution. The general idea behind the UN’s Paris Agreement is to collectively prevent the further warming of our planet.

The question being raised from skeptics is “is this an act of symbolism, or global unity to fight a common enemy?” The main purpose of this agreement is to prevent exponential increase in global temperatures, however, there is dissenting opinion claiming that human intervention cannot possibly alter the earth’s climate. If there is still debate among scientists for the theory of anthropomorphic climate change, then will the economic hardships imposed on the average tax-paying citizen have any positive outcome? In an interview with John Stossel, Bjorn Lomberg made the claim that Germany spent $110 billion only to delay global warming by less than 40 hours. The Danish statistician then proceeded to state that “the Paris Climate Agreement Won’t Change the Climate. The agreement will cost a fortune, but do little to reduce global warming.”

As the world panics, especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel, over the possibility that the United States will no longer partake in the agreement, there could be a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Donald Trump was elected to promote economic prosperity, not impose globalized policy that ends in no real benefits to American people. The Obama administration was a staunch advocate for promoting new EPA regulations that sought to provide cleaner air and decrease global temperatures. Will Trump succumb to the pressure of his son-in-law and daughter to pursue the agreement, or stick to his initial sentiment that global warming is a nonsensical issue with no real basis in science? We will find out this week, according to the president’s Tweet.


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