The Millennial Infatuation with Socialism

According to a poll by Reason-Rupe, majority of 18-24 year olds hold positive views towards socialism. For most Americans, especially living through the Regan era, the word “socialism” has largely negative connotations. It is obvious why since allowing the government to reach into your pockets trusting that it will redistribute your hard-earned money for positive results is a difficult concept to fathom. However, millennial-aged college students are deeply infatuated with this notion of collectivism. It is a common belief among younger generations that they possess an inherent duty to promote world peace through environmental advocacy, wealth redistribution, or the dismantling of racial divisions. These optimistic end goals are unrealistic for such naivety to accomplish, but out of the typical arrogance of the youth, they truly believe they can end any and all suffering on this planet.

There is common sentiment within the environmentalist community that capitalism is irreconcilable with a livable climate. If younger generations have their ignorant beliefs reaffirmed by boisterous activists , they will inevitably believe their own nonsensensical sentiments. Since the majority of Americans have little to no worry about climate change at all, the idealistic millennials feel they must take matters into their own hands which consists of creating a stronger government to force the more carefree Americans to pay their fair share. Although they may not like it, the unemployed, gender studies major knows what’s better for society as a whole than the father of 4 who works 60 hours a week.

Why is it, though, that the hard-working tax payer does not want the government to redistribute the wealth they earned for their family and why is it always the entitled, lazy students who are advocates for these policies? The cosseted children of the liberal elite have finally grown up (physically, at least). Since their parents never showed them the meaning of a hard earned dollar or responsibility they have thus moved on from the coddling by their parents onto a new host to leech from; the government. It’s always the emotionally stunted, the physically weak, and the mentally inept that promote socialism.

Millennials are a generation that promotes weakness where victimhood is something to be cherished, and being oppressed raises your social status. Weakness is a virtue, and strength is toxic and demonized. A generation that’s so incredibly fragile that dissent causes us physical discomfort. Those of us that can make it on our own are oppressors; those of us that don’t have to rely on the state are considered privileged. This causes the Millennials to lean so far to the left that on some level, they know that if they were free they would perish.

In a free society there wouldn’t be any welfare, no disability checks for our fabricated mental illnesses, no promises of free college, free healthcare, free everything. Millennials know if they’re not given these things they would inevitably die, because they are unable to produce anything on their own. It’s a generation that’s been coddled, feminized, and castrated. Break down into hysterics when things don’t go a certain way. Grown adults in this generation needed Play Doh, therapy dogs, and cry sessions when their preferred political candidate lost.

Millennials are the generation of eternal children, and most children can’t survive without their parents. Unfortunately for Millennials, their parents won’t be around forever; thus why they have turned to the state. Replacing the Holy Trinity with a new God known as the state, the government is now our father, our mother, and our guardian. This is why millennials voted for Bernie, and  why millennials will go down as one of the worst generations in American history so far.


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  • Great post! It might just be me, but I haven’t heard the analogy of people substituting the government for parents before. It certainly sounds right though. This is the generation that is so hesitant to leave their parents’ homes.

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