Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Election Reporting Unusually Large Turnout

Cobb elections is reporting that the early voting for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is four times larger than previous elections. The Democratic favorite, Jon Ossoff, faces Karen Handel in the post run-off vote where Ossoff did not receive a majority of votes to seal the election. The early voting will be held until June 16 with the official election on June 20. Handel maintains at least a one-vote advantage due to being a resident of the district where as Ossoff is unable to cast a ballot since he lives outside of the sixth Congressional District.

Jon Ossoff was highly regarded as an upcoming Democratic who received a substantial amount of funding from various national Democratic Groups totaling $11.3 million for Ossoff’s entire campaign. In response to this large amount of funds being funneled into Ossoff’s campaign, the GOP has given a competitive $10 million to Handel, where $2.3 million came directly from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

In what is seen as a huge undertaking by the Democratic Party to instill a sense of hope in their fractured party, they have a great deal of confidence in their young apprentice of the liberal agenda.


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