California Governor Jerry Brown on Donald Trump: “He can’t command weather. He can’t command climate.”

In an interview with the BBC, Jerry Brown claims that by pulling out of the Paris Accord, he is energizing environmental activism by the left. He proceeds to state that the international agreement to lower global temperatures was lead mostly between Chinese president Xi Jinping and former president of the United States Barack Obama, but now that newly elected Donald Trump is withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, the state of California will take the initiative to combat climate change into their own hands. A radicalized shift away from a carbonized future is what the governor has set as a goal to strive for.

However, the irony by affirming the disposition that Trump cannot control the weather or climate lends to the climate skeptic’s credence that nobody can control the earth’s climate. The question is, what point is he attempting to make by objecting to the fact that the man with the most powerful position in the world would be able to control the climate. If Donald Trump is unable to harness the omnipotent power to have complete control of our climate, then what power does environmental activists, who hijacked positions for policy-making, have in accordance with the global temperatures?

Governor Jerry Brown is simply using his title as a means to politically grandstand to not only the California populous, but also to the entire world that he is standing up to Donald Trump’s heroic decision in preventing our sovereign nation from globalized tyranny by corrupt bureaucrats. There is no real reason Jerry Brown will benefit from this decision and thus wants to virtue signal to middle America about his “moral superiority.”


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