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California Governor Jerry Brown on Donald Trump: “He can’t command weather. He can’t command climate.”

In an interview with the BBC, Jerry Brown claims that by pulling out of the Paris Accord, he is energizing environmental activism by the left. He proceeds to state that the international agreement to lower global temperatures was lead mostly between Chinese president Xi Jinping and former president of the United States Barack Obama, but now that newly elected Donald Trump is

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The Millennial Infatuation with Socialism

According to a poll by Reason-Rupe, majority of 18-24 year olds hold positive views towards socialism. For most Americans, especially living through the Regan era, the word “socialism” has largely negative connotations. It is obvious why since allowing the government to reach into your pockets trusting that it will redistribute your hard-earned money for positive results is a difficult concept to fathom.

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What it Would Mean to Pull Out of the Paris Agreement

UPDATE: Axios has reported that President Donald Trump will officially withdraw from the Paris Agreement. A huge win for free market energy production has been made and supporters of Trump rejoice while skeptical conservatives will breathe a sigh of relief whether they believed Trump’s campaign proposals. Meanwhile, the left is in a frenzy about the “doomed” future of our planet. There

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